At Hyundai, quality is built in—so the value stays in. Reinforce your customers’ understanding of the care and craftsmanship that goes into every Hyundai vehicle by consulting these resources:

  • “Precision and Protection” Flyer (PDF)
  • “The Premium Touch—Quality Customers Can See and Feel” (PDF)
  • “The Premium Touch” SME Roundtable (Video)

Hyundai Motor America’s Eric Bondus, Michael O’Brien, Brandon Ramirez and Erwin Raphael reveal some little-known facts about how quality is engineered into every Hyundai.

Facts about Hyundai quality you can share with your customers.

  • “2.3 Miles on the Odometer” (Video)

Dynamic testing of vehicles built at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

  • “Laser Gap and Flush Measurement” (Video)

Quality testing at HMMA.

  • “Dynamic Laser Wheel Alignment” (Video)

How HMMA tests to make sure wheels are properly aligned after they leave the production line.


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