July 2017 Sales Edge Contest Results

Every month, we select one regional winner at random from the names of everyone who scored 100% on that month’s quiz. Each winner receives $50 on his or her STAR Rewards card. You can find the names of our July winners on page 6 of the August 2017 issue of The Sales Edge.

Not a winner this month? Your name may not have been chosen—or you may not have answered all of the questions correctly. Here are the answers to our July “Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. The 2018 Sonata's available navigation system comes with what new feature?
    • "Tilted perspective" bird's-eye view
  2. Hyundai donated $25,000 to a police memorial fund to commemorate the opening of its new office in what city?
    • Washington, D.C.
  3. Details about the new Blue Link dealer demo program are available in the messages and alerts section of what website?
    • HyundaiDealer.com
  4. What is the second of the five criteria listed on which the International Design Excellence Awards will be judged?
    • Benefit to the User
  5. How many new Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned promotional videos have been added to the HyundaiUSA YouTube channel?
    • Four

June 2017 Sales Edge Contest Results


Every month, we select one regional winner at random from the names of everyone who scored 100% on that month’s quiz. Each winner receives $50 on his or her STAR Rewards card. You can find the names of our June winners on page 5 of the July 2017 issue of The Sales Edge.

Not a winner this month? Your name may not have been chosen—or you may not have answered all of the questions correctly. Here the answers to our June “Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Hyundai Elevator’s Asan Test Tower is home to the world’s fastest elevator, which runs at speeds of how many meters per minute?
    • 1,080
  2. The global shipping company HMM is “an integrated logistics company, operating around 130 state-of-the-art vessels.” What does HMM stand for?
    • Hyundai Merchant Marine
  3. Hyundai’s flux cored wire, recognized as one of the world’s best quality wires,” is produced by which Hyundai group company?
    • Hyundai Welding
  4. Which Hyundai company offers a 3-year/3,000-hour full machine warranty and a 5-year/10,000-hour structural warranty on its products?
    • Hyundai Construction Equipment
  5. The mighty Hyundai 250D-9, powered by a 274-horsepower Cummins diesel engine, is what type of machine?
    • Forklift


First-, second-, third- and fourth-place entries earn $100, $75, $50 or $25 on their STAR Rewards cards, respectively, for their responses to our monthly “What Would You Do?” challenge. We print all of the winners that will fit. You can see June’s top winners on page 6 of the July 2017 issue of The Sales Edge.

Here is our fourth-place winner for June, along with entries we felt were worthy of receiving an honorable mention.

Fourth Place ($25): “I would talk to my customer about what happened at the other dealership and why didn't they purchase that vehicle at that lowball price. Were they already out the door or in the car when that price was given?

“I would then re-sell the dealership and myself to let them know that we're here to earn their business and would like to see what else we can do for them. After fact finding and discovering that it was an actual low ball, I would build my relationship with them and actually price shop online to show them what kind of prices are out there.

“If they end up walking away to the other dealership to see if they can get that price, I would make sure they're comfortable and let them know that I'll always be here to assist them, during the sale or after. Even if they don't purchase from me, I would let them know that I'm willing to take the extra step to help them make sure they're 100% happy and satisfied with whatever vehicle or dealership they purchase from. That way they know that they have a friend in the car business and wouldn't be embarrassed to come back and purchase from me. I would send a thank-you phone call, text or email after they leave the dealership as well.”

—Michael Vu, Stevens Creek Hyundai, Santa Clara, CA

Honorable Mention: “I will make sure that Jake and Rachel Lewis have not been locked out of the amazing programs available through Hyundai like military, Uber, or other qualifying programs and, by extension, other discounts through the dealership.

“Next, I will have a printout of the pricing of the vehicle and the discount from the dealership plus all the rebates itemized, breaking down the price from the top to bottom. I will calmly explain each cost included in the price, like taxes, dealer fees and so on.

“After this I will point out to them that my price is factual and not word of mouth like the other dealership. I will point out how valuable their time is, and before they leave my dealership , I will give them space and ask them to please call the other dealership and ask what is included in the price they were quoted earlier.

“If they still insist they want to go back to the other dealership, I will ask them to meet my manager, who will say his goodbyes and assure them that that is the price they will get from our dealership and that they are welcome back if by any chance the other dealership does not hold up the end of their bargain.

“At our dealership they are always welcome even if we did not earn their business on this day.”

Freddy Gechuki, Ken Garff Hyundai Southtowne, Sandy, UT

Honorable Mention: “After getting them to test drive the car they are looking to buy, I would sit them down and explain to Jake and Rachel that today’s car buyers have all of the pricing information they need at their fingertips, and one of the most trusted sources for finding the best deal is TrueCar—and we are a TrueCar certified dealer. All dealers buy their vehicles from the manufacturer for the same price and run the same promotions, so I'm going to find you the best deal right here.

“I would then proceed to break down all of the incentives and discounts available on the Elantra they have chosen, and let them see the real offer and the value in pricing. Also helpful is explaining the transparency in our numbers, putting them on paper in front of them and affirming that there are no additional hidden fees or costs which are often a part of many unrealistic low prices quoted by dealers.

“It’s also important to show the value in purchasing from this dealership for various reasons (free maintenance, free car washes, trusted family brand for over 50 years in business, and a sales rep with semi-celebrity status). I’ll even share my customer reviews and surveys to show them how happy customers are with us, and ask them for the opportunity to let them be the next Sansone Hyundai ‘blogger.’”

Ryan Fox, Sansone’s Route 1 Hyundai, Avenel, NJ

Honorable Mention: “Jake and Rachel,  I would suggest we review the available incentives that are currently being offered by Hyundai and let me consult with my sales manager to obtain our very best price available on this particular model.

“I would suggest you then go back to the other dealership and ask for the same thing.  All I ask is that if for any reason my price is equal to or better than their final price that you give me the pleasure of selling you your new Hyundai.”

—Don Dodd, Hallmark Hyundai, Hendersonville, TN