Rave Reviews for Ioniq!

Road tests are starting to be published and there’s a lot of good news about the all-new Ioniq. Here are some of the highlights:

  • U.S. News and World Report—“…the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid gives the Prius a run for its money. For one, the Ioniq Hybrid’s starting price is about $2,300 less than the Prius'. The Ioniq's powertrain is also more powerful and earns better fuel economy estimates. Additionally, while the Prius suffers from dull handling and an unrefined powertrain, as do many hybrids, the Ioniq offers steady power and relatively agile handling.”
  • Car and Driver—“Despite the Ioniq’s wind-cheating Kammback profile, the styling is far more conservative than that of the polarizing Prius. … The shift lever is a traditional PRND affair rather than something like the Prius’s oddball stalk, and the instrument cluster has a simple analog look, with a round speedometer flanked by an eco-driving gauge on the left and a battery state-of-charge meter on the right. You can call up a small power-source graphic and a few other efficiency tallies on the touchscreen, but you won’t need Starfleet Academy accreditation to operate anything. … One key difference in the Ioniq’s favor: the sounds that emanate from the engine compartment. Open the windows under full-throttle acceleration and the Ioniq, well, it may not sound like a sports car, but it doesn’t sound like a Prius either.”
  • The Car Connection—“ The new Ioniq is deliberately designed to be conventional looking, or as “normal” as a high-tailed five-door hatchback with a low drag coefficient can be. … In other words, the Ioniq is no Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf—to the point that it may pass unnoticed in traffic despite its advanced propulsion systems. … Most cars this size aren’t used as family transport, but for one or two people—and Hyundai stresses that the Ioniq was designed to be fun to drive, offering more efficient transportation with ‘no compromises’ in enjoyment.”
  • AutoWeek“The Ioniq is a dedicated hybrid that really doesn't drive like one. In Eco drive mode, it's smooth, silent and pleasant. Treat the right pedal kindly and the EPA says you'll see 58 mpg combined -- two better than the Prius Eco. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder certainly couldn't be considered strong in terms of acceleration, but it generates so few decibels inside the cabin even at full throttle, it's honestly hard to fault.”